system Plan

System Plan


My project is to build a website containing my own discoveries, hobbies and interests
available for public to use such as photography, technology tricks, movie and entertainment
features and etc. the system plan below is sample demonstration and presentation of how my
website would look like divided to parts; Personas and scenarios, Screen shots, Site map and
Project time table.

Personas and scenarios

1. Arash Sefid

22 years old


Relation: friend of mine

Arash is studying multimedia and he is interested in photography much in a way that he has his
own photography blog and flickr account. Arash always shares his shots and keep tracking of his
friends comments and their works. He likes to surf on the Internet for interesting photography
ideas and scenes; in addition he compares his works with other people much. Sample scenario is
that it is summer and Arash has bought new high-end camera and decided to travel and take
pictures. He search for a good location and ideas to capture photos and he confirm with his
friends and people he know or search the Internet. Since I have a section related to photography
Arash would check my website as well to see my works and favourite locations. Maybe he can get
idea about where he can travel or gain some information under user comments of my website.

2. Amir Garan

25 years old


Relation: friend of mine

Amir is interested in new technology specifically Apple products because he is an IT student
graduating soon and looking for job. He always tries to make his iDevices customize by performing
jailbreak and tweaks and apps. Sample scenario is that he has an iPhone 4 device and tries to
improve it constantly by performing jailbreak and other stuff. Since my website has common
jailbreak tricks and tweaks about iDevices, he would use the information in my website, maybe
comment or complete it in any way possible.He would check my website’s technology section to
find out new tweaks and do and dos regarding to his device. As example Amir really like to add
Siri to his iPhone 4 and in my website I have provided step by step guide to install Siri on non
iPhone 4s devices.

3. Ivy Chao

29 years old


Relation: friend of mine

Ivy has graduated recently from college. She has a degree in art and cinema now, in addition
she is a movie lover. Anything or anyone who has some information about movies especially
Hollywood movies would be her target. If she knows that one of her friends has an active movie
section in his/her website that would be her constant destination to check hits and new movies
news, comments and suggestion or best place to watch and etc. Since she is living in Sydney it
would be convenient to check my website, maybe arrange for movie night meeting and other

Screenshots and Design

Figure 1, home page

Figure 2, Entertainment

Figure 3, Photography

Figure 4, Technology

Figure 5, Architecture

Site map

My website is simple at the beginning but I have plan to expand it through time. The first
page is home page contains main links to direct to other parts of website. The general
information is about me, my contacts and purpose of the website. Other three parts contain my
website main information related to my interests fields.

Project timetable

Conclusion and Reflection

My purpose of studying the digital media technology subject was to get familiar with new technologies and especially those that is related to my proposed project in order to be able to accomplish my tasks and get result. I had some background information about HTML, ASP and VB in the past however I have tried to apply some new knowledge such as PHP and SQL to the project but I should admit that I could not accomplish all the requirements at the end of semester.

I really tried hard to reach the deadlines and submit my project the way I intended but at the end my project was not what I planned due to lack of expertise and time mostly and some variation happened at final submission mostly in the system plan such as I had plan to include PHP and MySQL in my project but I could not finish by the deadline. The design and functionality of my project is different than what I expected and planned to submit and I would accept that although I did not submit a good project however I am determined and would finish what I started after the semester with more time.

About the achievements and learning from this subject I cannot say that I did not learn anything but it was not what I expected. During the semester I have learnt about
basic CSS and XHTML, I practiced in/after class and I gained fundamental knowledge about SQL, FTP
and actual managing my website through a FTP server, some of the knowledge is completely new to me and I am happy to learnt it. I have gained most of this knowledge in class with help of the lecturer and advisor and less from lecturer slides or explanation.

I had always followed the lecturer and my peer feedback and I revised my system plan and macro-micro
analysis based on the suggestions given, however I admit it is not enough effort but based on my
expertise I could say I did not give up.

Finally I appreciate my lecturer’s guides, feedbacks and honestly through the semester
although sometimes was late. I thank my peer for her feedback during our study and hope to
meet them in another subject in future.


Macro-Micro Analysis

Micro and Macro Analysis



This document is about macro-micro analysis of technologies have been chosen
for the project creating a personal website. I would use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in my


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the most popular World Wide Web’s markup
language ( 2012). For better understanding it is better to explain Hypertext Markup
Language separately. “Hypertext is the method by which people moves around on the web.
Markup is what HTML tags do to the text inside them” (Shannon 2010). In one sentence HTML
is a computer language devised to allow website creation. Shannon (2012) believes that HTML is
relatively easy to learn, the basics are accessible to most people and quite powerful in what it
allows to create. There are existed many supporting communities and HTML constantly undergoing
revision and evolution to meet the demands and requirements of the growing Internet audience
under the direction of the W3C (Shannon 2010). However HTML is not perfect and cannot do
everything, but since making websites became more popular many other supporting languages have
been created for better features and presentation, in addition HTML is modified constantly to
make way for improvements. For example Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to control how
webpages are presented, and make pages more accessible. Basic special effects and interaction is
provided by JavaScript, which adds a lot of power to basic HTML (Shannon 2010). Since I am
planning to use HTML in my project, learning Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) is
demandable as well because according to Barnes XHTML is a family of current and future document
types and modules that reproduce, subset, and extend HTML, reformulated in XML. Thus XHTML
considered as the successor of HTML and document types are all XML-based (2012). So I try my best
to get advantage of XHTML as well. As conclusion table below illustrates simple comparison
between HTML and XHTML (adapted from


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) invented in 1997 (Knuttel 2004) and now starting to be
widely used among browsers and web designers getting comfortable with it. CSS make webpages
consistent in look and giving great control over the layout rather than using only HTML in
webpage design (Knuttel 2004), this means by introduction of CSS a revolution happened in website
design format ( 2011). Using CSS in webpages gives lots of advantages and makes
development easier. According to Herman (2006) CSS attributes listed below are very useful and
time saving in designing webpages and could be useful in my project:

1. Separate content from presentation

2. Fast loading pages

3. Small CSS file size

4. Flexibility of design

5. Print friendly

The most recent version of CSS is the CSS3 and it is very different from CSS2 and
CSS1, in addition it is notable that among all the CSS versions the CSS2 and CSS3 are the most
popular, however there are slight differences between them. CSS2 was developed by the W3C and
published in May 1998 ( 2012). It includes lots of new capacities such as
unmitigated, relative, fixed positioning of elements, bidirectional text and new font properties
like shadows ( 2012). CSS3 supports more browsers than CSS2, and gives a summary
and introduction modules enable the design to be done in a smaller time with more ease while
updating individual features and directions ( 2012). I believe by the
combination of XHTML and CSS web designers can make dynamic, attractive and user-friendly
professional websites. Making the documents with these tools always acceptable by maximum all the
browsers and since the CSS3 is better that other versions thus I have decided to use CSS3 in my
design project as much as possible.


JavaScript is an element of creating dynamic website and using it in my project is
preferable along with XHTML and CSS. JavaScript originally developed at Netscape as Mocha and it
came to the forefront with official announcement in 1995, however later on JavaScript was
developed independently by different parties such as Microsoft JScript (Kashyap 2010). JavaScript
is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. One very suitable feature of
JavaScript is that it runs on visitor’s computer and does not require constant downloads from my
website (Chapman 2012). The basic JavaScript syntax code fairly similar to C language and since
this language is an integral part of computer science curriculums all over the world, thus
developers are familiar with it, hence an easy leaning curve (Synodinos2007). Apart general
features explained above, JavaScript includes more suitable specifications related to my project
as well such as:

It is a programming tool for beginner HTML designer like me since JavaScript is a
scripting language with a very simple syntax. JavaScript has a great advantage, which is it can
react to events. For example JavaScript can be code to execute when something happens, like when
a page has finished loading or when a user clicks on an HTML element in my webpages. This means
that JavaScript can read and change the content of an HTML element and it could be very useful
for my project ( 2012).


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Final Learning Proposal

Learning Proposal



Personal Learning Needs

I need to understand and gain knowledge about different markup languages and
database concept, further more try to modify and work with PHP and SQL in order to create and
modify my own website successfully and beautifully. Since my goal is providing a public website I
must study about Internet security and common threat protection against my website, in addition
develop skills related to CSS and website architecture.

SWOT Analysis


-Experienced about HTML, ASP, PHP and VB languages during my bachelor study

-Always eager to gain new knowledge

-Independent student

-Basic understanding of website design and production

-Proficient in English language, especially reading and listening

-Good time organizer and scheduler



-Sometimes I do not learn quickly

-Little experience in coding

-Lack of confident

-Lack of knowledge in CSS


-Perfect time to gain required knowledge such as CSS, Java, website developing and

-Opportunity to use gained knowledge in future as well

-Improve my vocabulary and English in specific science area and digital


-The most important is lack of time compare to required volume of knowledge and
techniques to learn

-Encounter area, which I cannot learn and pick quickly

-My final project delivers poor result compare to experienced classmates

Learning Needs in DMT

I should gain better understanding of HTML, PHP and SQL, further more I need
fundamental understanding of CSS and hope I learn all these required in DMT class in this

Learning Plan


The objective is to learn about how to create and maintain a website, upload it in
server for everybody to view and use, protect the website security and my future users privacy.
In addition learning needs in DMT could be include the learning plan objectives and I should
understand which techniques are better to use and would deliver higher result in my project.
However I like to improve my teamwork collaboration and communication skills as another aspect of
attending class or study purpose.


-Study about necessary knowledge required to reach the above objectives using
Digital Media Technology class subject and facilities.

-Read and research through extra resources and gain help of experienced people in
this area.

-Prepare required equipment and purchase necessary space and domain name.

-Create, upload and maintain my website with my own knowledge and help of

-Involve myself actively in class and try to be a respectable and good


Online material about required knowledge such as (which can cover all about CSS, HTML, PHP and SQL)



Brooks, David R. 2011, Guide to HTML, JavaScript and PHP: for scientists and
engineers, Springer, London.

Gosselin, Don., 2011, PHP programming with MySQL, Course Technology Cengage
Learning, Boston, MA.

Osborne, J., 2011, Web design with HTML and CSS: digital classroom, Wiley Pub,
Indianapolis, IN.

Proposed Project Description

I would like to build a website which is about my habits, posts and discoveries
that provides access to anyone through the Internet with the capability of commenting on,
discussing, uploading to and sharing website content by other people, however I would prefer and
try to take other people comments and ideas about the contents. The website may contains solid
text, picture, video and flash clips divided in various pages, menus and tabs, and ability of
searching through.

This website does not belong to specific range of age, gender or occupation, as
long as anyone interested in the content or can use it, most welcome, but the content might
rolling around IT and technology guidelines, photography and marketing.


The project includes standard planning scheme, which is:

-Learning continuously about HTML, CSS, PHP and JAVA from week 4 to week 9

-Planning about sketch, details of project, tools necessary and chosen technologies
to use within week 5

-Designing & Coding the first draft of website interface, colors and solid
contents commencing from week 5 to week 8

-Testing and Mending the first developed draft at semester break week

-Continuing Designing and Coding and prepare the second draft from week 9 to week

-Testing and Finalize the second draft and develop the final version for week 13

Learning Proposal (Draft)

learning proposal draft


DMT Second week


I am posting this when most of you guys are listening to the lecturer probably. hehe (seems I am so eager abt this blog thing)

I found the second session more useful and attractive than first one, although still a bit lost about the draft we suppose to submit next week.

I wanted to share some non related pictures (Mardi Grass) in the blog but changed my mind, instead I have uploaded in my facebook account and here is the address for anyone who might be interested.

See you all

88 BB bye khodafez


Digital Media Technology


My name is Seebi, nice to meet u all here.

To start I must say that I always like to try new things and I could guess this subject is something different than regular IT subjects thus I decided to take this subject and hope this can motivate me for new activities and gain fundamental information about digital media, in addition having fun during the semester. As long as I study new things and make friends in any subject I would consider it as success.
I am almost half way of finishing my master and at the moment I am seeking for part time job. I am determined and kind to people and I am usually like a night owl and lazy early bird.
Actually I have published this blog for the first time and not familiar with the design and capabilities as you can guess (hehe), so if you found it not suitable suggest and help me to improve or change.

Thank you